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Other ksh Interactive Features (vi mode)
Command-line Editing

In conjunction with recalling your previous commands, you can also edit these commands.

A subset of the most common editing commands are listed below.

Forward One Character	—->	—->	[ESC]-l
Backward One Character	—->	[ESC]-h
Delete One Character	—->	[ESC]-x
Replace One Character	—->	[ESC]-r
Forward End of Word	—->	[ESC]-e
Backward Beginning of Word	—->	[ESC]-b
Delete to End of Line	—->	[ESC]-D
Insert Text (current space)	—->	[ESC]-i
Insert Text (adjacent space)	—->	[ESC]-a
Move Cursor to Beginning of Line	—->	[ESC]-^
Move Cursor to End of Line	—->	[ESC]-$
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